How to Cure Insomnia and Sleep Better
By Dr. Nopill

Relaxation Techniques for Insomniacs

Relaxation Techniques for better sleep and insomnia treatment

If you suffer from insomnia, there are many breathing and relaxation techniques that you can learn to use to promote relaxation and relieve stress. Here are few of them that I have found to be useful for relaxing and falling asleep.

Relaxation Technique #1:
Lay down, comfortably and relaxed, with eyes closed. Count slowly from 100 down to 0, visualizing numbers being written slowly, carefully and beautifully, drawing each number as large as possible. See them as if each successive number is standing lower than previous.
Think of the downward movement. Picture yourself going down a staircase, riding down an escalator, or floating down.

Sometimes you just can't stop thinking. So here is another technique that uses those disruptive thoughts as a tool:

Relaxation Technique #2:
Hear your thought as if you were saying them out loud, or visualize them as if it was being written in front of you. Afterwards, begin to consciously hear/see your same thought as if it was being played in slow motion.
When another thought comes in, do the same thing, visualize, slow down... Basically, turn every disruptive thought into a tool/point of focus for slowing down.

Relaxation Technique #3: The Chalk Board Technique.
This technique works well if you're a visual person. If your mind is racing, visualize your thoughts as if they were being written on a black chalkboard at the same time. Then, visualize slowly wiping the thought off the chalk board, leaving it completely blank.

These relaxation techniques can help you with insomnia by giving you something else to concentrate on rather than being frustrated.

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